The friendly castle poltergeist collects food for the fat king. I have 5 mins left in this jam. Help

When your're stuck, reload checkpoint with R

only press credits button when youre done, or ready to reload

Jump:  Space

Move: Arrow Keys / AD

Reload Checkpoint: R

Reload Game: Z

Pause: ESC

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Fun little game, but i coudn't get past 37%....

I'm propably missing something...


I think the game is really fun and the ghost character is adorable, i think you should add checkpoints to make the game a tad easier, other than that i love it! Here's a link to my game if you'd like to give it a try!

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This is really fun and very cute. 

If you'll do the animations and the characters better it will be amazing.  

Good job. GOOD LUCK!!!